About Us

Moreton Bay Business Association is a non-profit organisation, solely funded from membership fees raised from local business and some fundraising activities.


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About Us

Moreton Bay Business Association is the premier business organisation in the Moreton Bay Region, providing a platform to help members prosper and succeed through a productive working partnership with all levels of government and other community organisations.

The Chamber acts as the collective voice of businesses and seeks the involvement and participation of a cross section representative to:

  • Participate in debates on matters of business importance
  • Provide exposure for our members and their businesses.
  • Encourage the retention of community dollars within Moreton Bay to maintain and strengthen a prosperous business climate.
  • Actively promotes North Lakes and the greater Moreton Bay region’s attractions and lifestyle with a view to drawing new residents, visitors and tourists.
  • Recognises the need for links between Chamber, Council and other bodies when working towards common goals.
  • Provide the opportunity for all members to prosper within the North Lakes region whenever possible.


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